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CST Partners provides alternative health therapies to communities affected by school shootings.

Crisis Support Therapy Partners

Our Story

The concept of galvanizing alternative health professionals to respond to national crises had been circulating in the heart and mind of founder, Monica Hamer, for some time. Then when the devastating event at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas occurred, Monica knew that the time was now to put the vision into action. Months of planning went into the first deployment of therapists to Uvalde, where CST Partners provided its first healing therapies to a community in need. 

CST Partners continues to fortify its network of alternative therapists, community partnerships, and corporate and private underwriting so that we are best positioned to serve communities in need quickly, effectively, and compassionately.

Our Team

We are all driven by the mission to help a hurting world.

CST Partners provides alternative health therapies to communities affected by school shootings.

Monica Salazar Hamer is a Certified CranioSacral Therapist and Certified Teaching Assistant with Upledger Institute International, and birth doula with over 18 years of experience in private practice. With a specialization in pediatrics and extensive training in trauma and somatic experiencing, her professional pedigree inspired the calling to form CST Partners to help heal a hurting world on a larger scale.

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Janet Karam is a cornerstone of Crisis Support Therapy Partners (CST Partners), her skills as a program manager ensuring the smooth operation of services from the Dallas headquarters to the various service clinics. Janet's administrative capabilities are matched by her experience as a hypnotherapist, where her compassionate and warm approach enriches her leadership and administrative roles.

In her dual capacity, Janet offers a blend of compassionate care and structured guidance. Her therapeutic background brings an element of mindful awareness to her managerial role, enriching the organization with a sense of empathy and connectedness. As a writer and artist, Janet infuses creativity into her work, adding depth and color to the fabric of CST Partners.

Janet's leadership is characterized by her open-hearted engagement with both her team and those they serve, embodying the values of support and understanding that are the foundation of CST Partners. Her presence is a gentle yet constant reminder of the organization's commitment to nurturing the well-being of individuals and communities alike.

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Shon MonDragon works as a counselor, teacher and sound healer, and utilizes a history of eclectic knowledge of psychology and meditation to enhance skills supporting attention, relaxation and resilience. His work studying cognition at the University of Houston helps inform his approach to calming the nervous system and reintegrating a full life experience liberated from stress amd anxiety. By focusing on enhancing internal resources for calm and relaxation Shon hopes to deepen the process of healing and growth for his clients and liberate their ability to hold greater agency over their life experience.

CST Partners provides alternative health therapies to communities affected by school shootings.

The Board of Directors

Our board consists of professionals and social advocates who represent a variety of backgrounds to provide well-rounded guidance and direction for our organization.


Members include Monica Hamer, Susie Jimenez, Ann Stuart Kling, Yvette Grove, Melody Lee, and Stacy Barbara.

CST Partners provides alternative health therapies to communities affected by school shootings.

Team Volunteers

All of our alternative health practitioners have their own practices in their hometown but give back to the world by volunteering their services to communities in need. They are all licensed and accredited from a variety of complementary health disciplines.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What types of community crises do you treat?
    We primarily focus on communities who have been affected by mass trauma, with a special interest in children and families.
  • What does a Service Clinic look like once CST Partners is engaged?
    A typical Service Clinic is a 3-4 day commitment whereby CST Partners sets up a temporary treatment center. This could be in a space that has been donated by a local community partner such as a hotel ballroom, school gymnasium, or church rec room. We then coordinate with local leaders to provide much needed alternative health treatments to community members most in need.
  • Who qualifies to receive treatment from CST Partners?
    We treat both local, frontline Crisis Response professionals in an affected community and individual community members directly affected by trauma. Each Service Clinic has its own signup requirements and processes and are promoted on our own website and via local organizations.
  • How does a community request your services?
    Email us at
  • Do you offer multilingual therapists?
    We currently offer certain services in both English and Spanish. Depending on the engagement, we may be able to arrange for additional languages or a translator to be provided.
  • How are donation dollars spent?
    Our alternative health therapists are all volunteers, but we do provide them a stipend to offset the cost of their travel and other expenses related to Service Clinics. Depending on in-kind donations for specific deployments, there are necessary expenses like lodging, meals, and rental space for treatment rooms. Additionally, we operate on a lean organizational budget but like any group seeking to make a positive change in the world, there are administrative costs that are essential.
  • How do you select your therapists and practitioners?
    All of our health professionals are accredited and licensed. Both our therapists and volunteers go through an internal vetting process and pass a background check.
  • How do I apply to be a Service Clinic Therapist Volunteer?
    We welcome interest from licensed and accredited therapists. Please follow click here to submit your application.
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