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Restoring Hope: A Journey Through Alternative Therapies

In the quiet heart of Nashville, a gentle revolution is taking place. It's a story of healing, compassion, and the transformative power of alternative therapies. We want to share this heartwarming tale with you, straight from the feedback received in our recent evaluation survey, where 35 individuals from the Nashville community, primarily teachers and administrators from Covenant School, embarked on a 2-day service clinic to heal from the trauma of a school shooting.

As participants entered our sanctuary, they were greeted by an atmosphere that could only be described as calm, knowledgeable, experienced, wise, and gentle. The presence of everyone involved exuded an aura of peace and care as if they had been lovingly dropped into the hands of those who would nurture them.

Rob, one of our dedicated volunteers, left an indelible mark on the participants. His spirit was described as peaceful, open, and non-judgmental, embodying the essence of healing. Vera, another remarkable therapist, was celebrated for her wonderful explanations and her ability to connect deeply with those she helped.

With her amazing skills and gentle demeanor, Lisa offered a profound sense of balance and explained each step gracefully. One participant mentioned, "I felt like I had been dropped into loving hands that are going to care for me."

The alternative therapies, including craniosacral therapy, lymph balancing therapy, and sound and breathwork therapy, provided a profound sense of healing and release. Participants spoke of feeling a physical release of stored tension, an emotional release of sadness they hadn't realized they were carrying, and even a spiritual release as they visualized lifted burdens.

Shon, the sound therapy practitioner, was praised for being approachable, inviting, and incredibly knowledgeable about his craft. His soothing voice helped participants relax and focus, creating a serene and introspective space.

Craniosacral therapy sessions with Rob were described as relaxing and stress-relieving, with detailed explanations that helped participants understand the process and its impact on their well-being. One participant said, "I felt a physical release of stored tension in my back, neck, and shoulders."

But it wasn't just about the therapies but the connection between therapists and participants. All were celebrated for their compassion, skill, and the safe space they created. One participant shared, "I felt safe and vulnerable."

The impact of these therapies extended beyond the clinic, with one participant expressing a desire to encourage fellow teachers from Covenant School to experience the healing firsthand. Another acknowledged the importance of these therapies for first responders and police officers.

In closing, this journey through alternative therapies was described as "calm, relaxing, and reflective." It was an experience that touched hearts, released burdens, and offered a path toward healing and hope. To all those who made this possible, thank you for your kindness, support, and the gift of healing touch.

We hope you will join us in our mission to bring these transformative therapies to more individuals who need them. Your support can help us continue to make a difference in the lives of those healing from trauma.

We can turn the page to a brighter, more peaceful future together.


Above: a patient being treated at our Nashville clinic.


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